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Stacey Ray - Lead UX Designer

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Stacey, a Lead User Experience Designer, boasts over a decade of invaluable experience across diverse industries. With a rich background spanning Games, Robotic AI Software, Film Platforms, and Game Toolkits, Stacey has worn many hats in her career. Her journey has been a multifaceted one, with her initially delving into roles such as a Game Artist and Designer before making a seamless transition into the realm of UX Design. What sets Stacey apart is her unique blend of skills—a fusion of creativity, scientific acumen, and a deep understanding of psychology. 


Currently, Stacey's passion for design extends beyond her role, where she leads as one of the Podcasters behind the UX Guide To The Galaxy Podcast. Her journey is a testament to the remarkable synergy of art and science, and she continues to channel this blend into crafting exceptional user experiences. 

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